Making Life Easy

SISO - Sign-In Sign-Out - is a new solution that allows schools, small businesses, and other organizations to keep elegant sign in logs for attendance tracking and analysis. The platform is lightweight and designed to be easy to use so that you can be up and running within a couple of hours.

Keep Track With A Click

Keeping track of where people are has never been so fast and easy. Our one-button solution keeps things simple while our mobile friendly design allows you to sign in from anywhere using any device.* Simply scan an ID using your existing hardware or enter a name and SISO will make actionable data with just a click.

SISO is not ticketing software, but people tracking software. Use SISO to take attendance at meetings, clubs, or a school dance just to name a few!

Any Device. Any Time.

Don’t be tied down to non-functional equipment, use SISO on any device that get's an internet connection! Our website is fully compliant with industry standards for mobile website design, meaning that you’ll always have SISO just a tap away.

Centralized Management

Put people into groups to allow moderators to help you out with managing them. Moderators that you choose can run reports and manage how a group works. No more exchanging lists to keep everybody in the know.