What We Do

Our projects range from commercial to high-end residential with an emphasis on developing useful systems that are easy to use. Our specialty is developing and maintaining systems that provide the fastest path to accomplishing your end goals. We'll work with you to make what you envision a reality.

SISO Sign-In Sign-Out

Our line of easy to use web apps for processing IDs in a variety of situations

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SISO for Events is our exclusive event check-in solution. It includes optional add-ons such as coat check and electronic voting to minimize the time attendees wait in lines. With features like smart name matching and flexible guest management, we hope that our most popular offering will get your attendees in fast, even when the source data is less than perfect. Pricing is calculated in advance and is not based on a percentage of sales like other vendors, allowing you to keep all proceeds. Especially useful for schools, this solution is available directly or through our network of event planners.

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SISO Hall Pass is our student in-transit tracking solution for schools. By having a series of stations where students are likely to go, we can track every student's last known location by having them scan their existing IDs upon arrival and departure. With this information, we can know who is in the halls in real-time, while historical transaction reporting options allow you to look into the past.

Technologies We Use

Cutting edge solutions built on the latest technologies.

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